No one wishes they’d travelled less…

Hello there
Welcome to International Traveller — a compilation of trip reports written by me, as I travel the world. 
Travel is undoubtedly my most favourite thing to do. Nothing beats a new experience and I find that travel not only opens my eyes to the wonders of each city or country but it also opens my heart and mind to the variety of life lessons and opportunities for personal growth.
Initially, I'll be sharing the logistics of my trip and any tips and recommendations starting with my most recent trip to Malta. From the home-away-from-home comforts of Hong Kong and Italy to the exciting and culturally immersive destinations of Morocco and Vietnam, there are three different types of trip reports you will gradually see added on International Traveller
In 24 Hours - Short reports that cover a destination that I've experienced in 24-48 hours that could be condensed into a 24 hour trip. 
Explorer - Detailed reports that cover a destination or string of destinations that I've travelled to.
Local Expert - Detailed reports that cover a destination where I've lived or frequented enough times to experience it like a local. 
The aim is not to create a comprehensive guide to a destination but to curate the experience of where I’ve been and what I would recommend. Along the way, I'll also start sharing how a trip and its experience has influenced who I am and how I see life, as well as tips and advice on recurring topics. 
I hope you'll join me on the journey I'm embarking on, will enjoy the content and will be inspired to travel too. Feel free to get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions.

Safe travels,
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